You're here for a reason! Here is what to expect...

What is Chi Alpha?

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries at Arkansas State University is a group of college students who are passionately following Jesus Christ together in worship,  prayer, discipleship and sharing life with one another. We may have a greek name but we are not a sorority or a fraternity yet true brotherhood and sisterhood is the result in of this community.


The Call. 

Large group Service.

All of Chi Alpha gets together once a week at a meeting we have named "The Call." It starts at 7pm, but students consistently show up early to laugh and hang out! In service we worship, pray and hear a message that will challenge, encourage and build each person up. We enjoy spending time together in the presence of God! We would love for you to join us! 

Wolf Packs.

This is what we define as “Our Win.” We have several small groups (Wolf Packs) that meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights each week. It is a relational time of prayer, encouragement and discussion which is built around life, community and the Word.