Jim Wooley


Campus Director

Have you ever met someone that impacts you immediately Jim Wooley, is that man for many of us. The kindness, understanding, and love of Christ are automatically noticed from the first conversation you have with him. Jim is a man full of the Spirit of God and wisdom. He challenges popular beliefs with such grace and understanding. He is unafraid to tackle hard decisions and questions. But most importantly he knows how to lead. Never once will you find your self feeling forced to do something, but somehow you end up doing it because you think it was your idea. He loves God, He loves people, and he builds up others to do the same! In summary, he is our faithful leader and we are very blessed to have him!

Julia Wooley


Campus Director

A mother to many:

You ever meet somebody who’s work ethic made you feel lazy no matter how hard you worked? Someone who is so intentional with everyone they meet, it makes you stop and think “ I want to do more with my life,”? For many of us, Julia Wooley is that person. She treats her students as if they are her own children. Hence the name “ mother to many.” She is quick to give her self to somebody else’s needs. She goes above and beyond your expectations on how someone should love another. You may meet her for the first time and feel intimidated because of the confidence and lack of fear for a confrontation she carries with her. But that is the very definition of mamma bear. Intentional strength is what she brings with her. She is very wise in the word, but she brings power with it.

Chris Patterson

Chris is an energetic fitness fanatic who made his quest for fitness a career as a personal trainer, specializing in physique and MMA training. He found Christ as a teenager and felt a call to ministry without knowing exactly what that would look like. The Wooley's took him in and made him a part of their family his senior year of high school after facing hardship and strained relationships in his own family. As he experienced life in a ministry family his own call began to take shape. The discipleship focus of Chi Alpha was an easy transition for him to make from personal training, due to the fact that they both are centered on coaching/mentoring individuals in personal and spiritual discipline and growth. 

Codie Lacount

A man of encouragement.

The moment you meet Codie LaCount you are presented with a tall structure of what seems to be an intimidating castle of a man. However, once you get to know him, he becomes a place of refuge, a still manor of refortification for many of us. The gentleness that this man holds within him shows to be a consistent fountain head of encouragement for the students at A-State. Thank you Codie for your commitment and intentionality for your guys.